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(beta) link builder plugin

(beta) link builder plugin

by JakeJanuary 20, 2017

If you are an amazon associate I am sure you know just how tiring it is to build affiliate links pointing to amazon. We have seen a bunch of plugins for wordpress aiming to ease this task, over the years; some good ones and some bad ones.

There is, however, one issue with all plugins that most amazon associates fear; that links aren’t built according to the rules defined by amazon, which equates to a potential ban from the program. Amazon are notorious for banning accounts, and it is widely known, that once banned, it is extremely difficult to get back in.

This is exactly the reason why so many amazon affiliates are pleased to see an official amazon associates link building plugin for wordpress. Knowing this plugin comes directly from the source, (I assume) it will be significantly more difficult to divert from the link building rules as defined by amazon (although you seemingly do have lots of room for customization).

Introducing the Amazon Associates Link Builder
We’re excited to share with you the release of our first official plugin for WordPress – the Amazon Associates Link Builder! Click here to download the plugin for free and find the accompanying user guide here.

We built the Link Builder plugin to make it easier to search for, and link to, products on Amazon without leaving WordPress. It connects to our real-time Product Advertising API, which means that all information found in the Link Builder will be current and accurate including prices, images*, and product availability.

The Link Builder plugin is in open beta. This means that while we’ve tested it with real-world creators, and are excited to share it with the broader WordPress community. If you find a bug, or just have a suggestion that you think would make the Link Builder plugin even better, please let us know. You can share your thoughts with us here or you can send an email to (please note this email is for plugin feedback only).

Keep in mind this is still in beta, and the initial feedback is mixed at best. The wordpress plugin currently has a total of 7 * 5 star ratings and 6 * 1 star ratings and a bunch in between, so it’s definitely too early to conclude anything on this, just yet. Check it out, if you build a lot amazon links, but wait a bit before you replace if with your current link building plugin.

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