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Keyword Keg (beta) – from the guys behind the Chrome App Keywords Everywhere

So I got a mail about this new keyword research tool the other day, named Keyword Keg. There was no information in the mail as to why I received this, but based on a bit I snooping around, I think it is because I am a loyal keywords everywhere user (and on their mailing list for that very reason). A short introduction whouldnt have dont any harm though. With that being said, Keyword Keg does look really interesting. There is no doubt that lots of people are seeing business opportunities in this space, specially since the Long Tail Pro is suffering heavily from a range of differet happenings in the past couple of weeks. In the last post I mentioned that Ahrefs got a new Keyword Explore 2.0 coming out soon, SEMRush recently relseased their new SEO Keyword Magic tool, KWFinder is gaining rapid popularity and I am sure we will see more tool in a near future. Now we can add keyword Keg to the list. 

keyword keg new keyword research tool

I have only played around with the free version a tiny bit but so far it looks really promesing! What I really enjoy here is the simplicity and focus on data rather than looks and useless features. The tool can help you generate keywords from a wide range of different search engines, and you can easily sort keywords into very usefull groups such as questions, buyer intent, product info, etc. Do note the tool is still in beta, and to get all data, you need to pull out your credit card. If you are heavy on keyword research (which you should be), it might very well be worth it!