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Speed Your Website with the New WP Rocket 2.9

Just like everyone else, I used to be a loyal W3 Total Cache user – because everyone else constantly raved about it. I was however, always annoyed by the endless amount of configurable options that came along with using this plug-in. Finding the “best” or most optimal settings using this plug-in, was a never ending story as everything could be adjusted down to the minuscule details. This is good for some, I’m sure – but not for me, and clearly the same applies to a lot of other people.

I think it is the exact aspect, that gave rise to the popularity of a relatively new contender targeting the same issues; WP Rocket. They focus on site speed optimization through simplicity – and it works wonders! I have been a user for some time now, and can honestly say I won’t be going back to W3 Total Cache anytime soon.

Now, I was recently informed that they have just released the latest version, 2.9 with a bunch of improvements. Here goes:

Hi Jakob,

December is the season of giving, and our gift to you is a shiny new version of WP Rocket. Welcome to the world, WP Rocket 2.9, codename: Iridonia.

Here are the highlights:

NEW: Improve your GT Metrix grade by fixing the “Remove query strings from static resources” recommendation.

NEW: Some themes and plugins add CSS/JS files with a PHP script and it causes poor performance. WP Rocket automatically detects such files and creates static CSS/JS files from them.

NEW: We’ve improved the CDN feature by applying it on new files like PDFs, videos and also images declared in background-url of inline styles.

This is just a small summary of all of the fresh, new goodness in WP Rocket 2.9.

Awesome! The WP Rocket team always brings good news. If you are tired of all the settings in W3 Total Cache, I suggest you give WP Rocket a go. I am pretty confident you won’t be disappointed!